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Historical Events

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Air Florida Flight 90 Crashes in Washington's 14th Street Bridge

14th Street Bridge, Washington DC
Air Florida Flight 90 was a flight of a Boeing 737-222 airliner that crashed into the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. on January 13, 1982 immediately after takeoff in a severe snowstorm from Washington National Airport.

The accident killed 78 people, including four motorists on the 14th Street Bridge. A few survivors from the aircraft were rescued from the icy river by a combination of the heroic efforts of civilians and professionals.

The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the cause of the accident was pilot error. The pilots failed to switch on the engines' anti-icing equipment, used reverse thrust in a snow storm prior to take-off, and failed to abort takeoff per FAA regulations even after detecting a power problem while taxiing, and visually identifying ice and snow buildup on the wings.
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