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Chamber of Horrors

The Where Did it Happen? Chamber of Horrors identifies geographic locations where horrific events have occured.
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The Murder of John Lennon

The Dakota
The Lennons spent several hours at the studio on West 44th Street before returning to the Dakota at about 10:50 p.m. Lennon was concerned about seeing five-year-old Sean before he went to sleep, so they returned to the Dakota instead of going out to eat. They exited their limousine on 72nd Street, even though the car could have been driven into the courtyard. Jose Perdomo (who was the doorman at the entrance), an elevator operator, and a cab driver all saw Chapman standing in the shadows by the archway. The Lennons walked past, and Ono opened the inner door — leaving Lennon alone inside the entrance. Chapman called out, "Mr. Lennon!" As Lennon paused to turn around, Chapman dropped into a "combat stance" and shot at Lennon five times with hollow point bullets from a .38 revolver. One shot missed, passing over Lennon's head and hitting a window of the Dakota building. Two shots struck Lennon in the left side of his back and two more in his left shoulder. All four wounds caused serious internal damage, and at least one of them fatally pierced Lennon's aorta. Lennon staggered up six steps to the room at the end of the entrance used by the concierge, said, "I'm shot," and collapsed. Doorman Jay Hastings ran out from his inside office to assist Lennon and summoned the police, as Chapman calmly sat down on the sidewalk and waited. The doorman walked to Chapman and reportedly shouted, "Do you know what you've done?" before kicking the revolver across the sidewalk. Chapman calmly replied, "I just shot John Lennon."
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More Chamber of Horrors

Robert Lee Yates - Convicted Serial Killer - 2220 E 49th Ave, Spokane, Washington
Jeffrey Dahmer - Serial Killer - 924 North 25th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Robert Pickton Found Guilty - Pickton Pig Farm, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Leavenworth Penitentiary - Leavenworth Kansas
Alcatraz Federal Penetentiary - San Francisco, California
Winchester Mystery House - 525 South Winchester Blvd. San Jose, California
Nick Markowitz is Murdered (the real murder behind the movie Alpha Dog) - Los Padres National Forest (Santa Barbara Ranger District)
Columbine High School Massacre - Columbine High School - 6201 S. Pierce St., Littleton, CO
Murder of Bobby Kent (basis for the movie "Bully") - Weston, Florida
Menendez Brothers Murder Their Parents - 722 North Elm, Los Angeles, CA
The Murder of John Lennon - The Dakota
DeFeo Family Murders - 112 Ocean Ave, Amityville, NY
Sharon Tate and Others Murdered by the Manson Family - 10050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles, CA
Zodiac Killer Murders Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday - Lake Herman Road, Benicia, California
Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia" Murder Location - 3825 South Norton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (approx)
Mass Suicide of the People's Temple - Jonestown, Guyana