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Film and Television

The Where Did it Happen? Fim and Television page features locations from around the world that have been shown in... Film and Television. This includes the real places that the story may have been based upon, to sets and locales. Pretty much any geographical spot than can be associated with film and television to some degree.
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Into the Wild - Christopher McCandless

Near Denali National Park
I recently saw "Into the Wild" which tells the true story of Chris McCandless, a young American who gives all his money to charity and begins to hike around the United States. His dream is to go to Alaska and live off the land. The story is much deeper than that, but my guess is you are here because you already saw the movie and know that.

The area shown in the Google map is south of Stampede road where Chris began his trek into the wilderness. A couple of people have identified this area on Google Earth to be where he lived in an abandoned bus. I don't feel that is too accurate given the close proximity to the road he attempted to get back to at one point. Unless the labels for this particular area are not correct.
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More Film and Television

Alpha Dog - Nick Markowitz - Zach Mazursky - Lemon Tree Inn, Santa Barbara, California
Private Practice - The Oceanside Group - 4th and Wilshire, Santa Monica, California.
The Sopranos Home - 14 Aspen Drive, North Caldwell, NJ
Steps from The Exorcist - M and Prospect Streets, Washington DC.
ER Set - Warner Brothers, Burbank California
Blair Witch Project - Burkittsville, Maryland
Kid Nation - Shooting Location - Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Devils Tower National Monument
Wisteria Lane - Homes of Desperate Housewives - Universal Studios California
Psycho House and Bates Motel - Universal Studios California
Prison Break - Fox River State Penitentiary (Joliet Prison, Chicago IL)
Into the Wild - Christopher McCandless - Near Denali National Park
James Dean Dies in Fatal Car Accident - Junction of Hughway 41 and 46 - near Cholame, California